A Healing Journey To Fill Yourself With Love, Light, Strength, and Harmony After A Challenging Year...

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“Since Deirdre started working with me and my family, miracles have become the order of the day. She has deeply touched every area of my life, healing my body, freeing my spirit, and reconnecting me to my soul.”

Jack Canfield
Co-Creator of Chicken Soup For The Soul Series
Author of "The Success Principles," Featured In The Secret
Your Healing Journey To Awakening Your Soul Starts Today...
Dear Friend,

Welcome! It's time to return to the Light. I am so excited to share with you my 9 part series, ‘A Healing Journey to Fill Yourself with Love, Light, Strength and Harmony After a Challenging Year’. You will learn practical everyday tools to obtain bliss consciousness, the Light. You will gain the knowledge necessary to overcome obstacles. You will receive Radiance Energy Transmissions from the Angels and Ascended Masters for healing. And as a special gift to you my good friend Emmy, Grammy, Oscar-winning composer Michael Loyd has created the most beautiful music to go with with my healing crystal bowls.  

If you are struggling with fear, anxiety, stress, and uncertainty during this challenging year and want to transform yourself while being embraced with Light, love, and peace, this will be a very important message for you.

  • ​You are dealing with the emotional impact of losing a loved one...
  • ​​You just lost your job and don't know how to cope with the stress about your future…
  • ​Are affected by unwanted strife and turmoil 
  • ​​Or even the sudden impact of your kids staying home all day learning on their Zoom meetings worried about not meeting with their friends at school...
I want to let you know that you are not alone in your struggle, and I want to help you by guiding you towards the answers you seek by finding the Light within yourself, so you can make the right decisions for yourself, find healing and attain peace of mind.

That's why I want you to come with me onto this free 9 part video series to help "Re-Awaken the Light" within yourself. I can help you transform your life by eradicating the fear, stress, and anxiety that’s holding you back from the life you want.

Join me today in my free 9 part healing journey below, where I give you the wisdom you need to transform your life today…

Your Free 9-Day Healing Journey To Transform Your Life Starts Today!

"Deirdre is brilliant, she is so connected, and she offers so much to your community, over and beyond what you could ever expect."

Temple Hayes
Spiritual Leader First Unity Spiritual Campus
Member Of The Leadership Council of Association For Global New Thought

Who Is Deirdre Hade?

Hi, I'm Deirdre Hade. I'm a poet, guide, mystic, and founder of Radiance Healing, author of "The (not so) Little Book Of Surprises."

For those who don't know, a mystic is a messenger between the spiritual realm and our reality. A mystic brings wisdom and clarity from the Great Divine Presence (The Light) with answers and healing to transform your life.  

It all started when I was 3 years old. I began having visions that no one could explain. This helped me predict and save my younger brother from a fatal car accident. Another vision helped my terminally ill mother live 13 years longer than expected. 

These mystical visions continued throughout my life. In an experience of waking into the Light I finally realized what the visions were all about...

Now I use this guiding power to help and guide thousands of other people worldwide to gain the wisdom they need to transform their lives and awaken their Light within.

As Featured In:

Come See A Small Peek Of The Wisdom You Will Receive On Your Spiritual Healing Journey

Video 1 - "You Are A Winner"

  • The most important concept you need to understand that was given to me by the angels that will instantly melt away your depression and anxiety... (This takes less than 2 seconds to do...)
  • How to use the "Refiner's Fire" to transform your soul and help you face your greatest fears with confidence and resilience…
  • How to access your true inner powers inside your soul and receive light and love to help you reach enlightenment quickly… (A journey that takes the average person decades to understand a tiny fragment…)
  • How to find the deep peace that your mind, body, and soul craves in this chaotic world… (The pandemic showed us how desperately we need this in our life…)
  • ​​How to communicate to your soul to find your true purpose in life!

Video 2 - "Believe In Yourself"

  • How to tap into the Ascended Masters ancient wisdom so you can survive and thrive during these times… (You start to transform just from receiving this message…)
  • How to use this powerful frequency to create an intimate bond between your friends and family… (Even trees tap into this frequency to communicate with each other…)
  • ​How to call in your spirit guides who truly want to support and form a relationship with you so that you always have help when you need it the most…
  • How to conquer those insidious, dark thoughts that constantly try to sabotage you from being the master of your reality and transforming them into positive energy to live the life you truly want...
  • How to strengthen your discernment and wisdom using the simple "Take Ten" method to help you with any unexpected situation that may arise in your life…
"I owe a great deal of my success in life to the blind luck of meeting Deirdre Hade over ten years ago. She is that rare guide that is also an impeccable embodiment the deep wisdom, truth, love, integrity, generosity and kindness that she teaches."

Palo Hawkins
Rebbl Elixers

Video 3 - "You Are Made With The Right Stuff"

  • How to use this specific energy within yourself to overcome any obstacle in your path that is daunting and insurmountable… (This powerful energy even has the ability to grow trees and bring in thunderstorms…)
  • How to connect to the eye of your soul and your wisdom's voice (instead of your "ego's voice") and use the "Sword of Light" to vanquish any negative thoughts lingering in your body…
  • How acceptance plays a major role in finding peace and serenity and learning what to accept into your life... (This will save you from years of stress and grief…)
  • What "complicated grief" is and how it may be affecting your life by freezing your brain in a vicious negative cycle... (I teach you how to find the light of grace to free yourself from this pain...)
  • How the modern scientists can't even solve this crisis that the shamans and ancient mystics already predicted and have the answer for thousands of years already…
  • How to create your personalized healing ritual to connect with the natural world and ready yourself to receive love and light... (The ancient leaders already knew about this power thousands of years ago…)
  • ​How to visit your own "Sacred Garden" where your personal spiritual guide is waiting to envelop you with warmth, peace and comfort during this pandemic…

Video 4 - "You Have The Power"

  • How to connect with the frequencies of the angels and Ascended Masters within your reality and gain the deep wisdom to help you with all aspects of your life… 
  • How to gain control of your "Ego Mind" and unchain yourself to live a life free of judgment, helping you and the people around you live a fulfilling, happy life…
  • How to become the master of your "Inner Landscape" and rearrange your neurological pathways to become the master of your world… (This is where your ambitious dreams of possibility can become a reality…)
  • Learning why mental illness doesn't exist but instead called "mental misperception" and how to bridge this disconnect to help you connect with the people around you…
  • How to attach the light to your higher self and pierce through grief, trauma, and fears that are holding you back from the peace and serenity your mind desperately seeks...
  • How to be present with another person's soul and see the light inside of them that they may not even know about... (Watch their face brighten as you ignite their soul without them even realizing about it...)
  • ​How to create an impactful healing experience you can give to someone by connecting soul-to-soul and lightening their burdens...
"At long last, someone is bringing holiness and a much-needed sense of glory and awe back into the spiritual quest. Bless you, Deirdre."

Cate Montana
The E Word: Ego, Enlightenment, & Other Essentials

Video 5 - "Parenting During COVID"

  • Learn the secrets from The Amazonians on caring for your family...
  • How to get the most uncontrollable and rowdy kids excited to calm down and focus on their homework… (This 10-minute technique will completely change your parenting life…)
  • ​How to heal yourself and your children so that they always feel a sense of satisfaction from a deep, intimate connection with you… (The children will truly love you for this…)
  • How to make sure your children grow up to be happy, deeper, and richer human beings even in this hectic world… (Especially during this pandemic…)

Video 6 - "Parenting During Covid Part 2"

  • How to tap into your kid's imagination and hone their sense of individuality so that they can freely express who they are and enjoy the beauty of life...
  • How to get your kids who always avoid doing the "boring things" like their homework and making them beg you to work on it… (I have taught this to thousands of parents!)
  • Why pouring information into your kid's brain is one of the worst ways to learn… (And what you should do instead to make sure they can remember it vividly in their memories…)
  • Why singing is the best way to engage your children and make them engaged with their Zoom classes… (Even if you are completely tone-deaf…)
  • Why the ancient people did this simple trick to improve their learning exponentially, and how you can use this for your children to make their learning much more effective…

Video 7 - "Caregiving During COVID"

  • Learn the dilemma between caregiving and taking care of yourself and how we can effectively do both without compromising… (Especially when someone you know is dealing with a deadly disease…)
  • How to infuse this powerful energy into your radiance healing journey so you can continue to help others without feeling burnout…
  • How to use the magnetic life force of the world around us to heal yourself and the people around you… (Even scientists can't explain how this "magic" works…)
  • Finding your own personalized prayer to help you go beyond and call the "Divine Doctors" to gain the strength and light you deserve…
"Deirdre Hade is one of the rare way showers of our awakening world. She has an astounding gift, which she uses for a beautiful purpose."

Barnet Bain
Award Winning Hollywood Producer, Director, Speaker and Success Coach;
A Leader In The Field Of Personal Transformation, Los Angeles, CA

Video 8 - "Healing For Caregivers, Doctors, and Nurses"

  • How to "de-stress" your entire body with barely any effort while making you ready to receive the frequencies of light…
  • How to find your “Golden Orb Of Light” that’s within us all and fill up your blood and lungs with this powerful energy of the earth giving unlimited energy coursing through your body...
  • How to effortlessly listen to the frequencies of Mother Nature and letting the “Divine Doctors” gently release all the tiredness, fears, and stress troubling you...
  • How to tune into the frequency of healing so that every cell in your body is vibrating with rejuvenation and renewal helping you break free from the dangerous illusions of life… (And how to safely navigate onto the "right" path...)

Video 9 - "Healing For Patients"

  • Learn this important prayer to keep yourself and those close around you safe in this uncertain world and healing for their souls…
  • How to embrace the light and open our hearts for a new beginning of a life we always dreamed of...
  • And much, much more...
"Working with Deirdre has been very beneficial in identifying blocks — both energetic and psychological — that are limiting my day to day experience of "the light". Her ability to pierce the veil of time to dig out these blocks is truly a gift."

W.H. Arntz
Creator/Director - What The Bleep Do We Know?!,

Take A Look At What Even More People Had To Say:

"In our modern world, we are beginning to recognize that the body, mind, and emotions are all energy systems which affect one another. Deirdre Hade is an Energy Worker who helps her clients cleanse and harmonize these systems."

Dr. Uzzi Reiss
American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine,
Bevery Hills, CA

“Deirdre Hade's Morning 5 Minutes is a daily vacation from the frenetic stress of our lives. In just five minutes, you can reset your nervous system — going from stress to deep relaxation. It is the medicine we all are missing.”

Mark Hyman
M.D., New York Times Best-Selling Author Of The Ultramind Solution,
Lenox, MA

“Deirdre has been able to find the peace and clarity in my body, my mind, and my spirit. Her commitment of helping each and every one of us in guiding us is so unique and special. She takes you out of the chaos; she guides us, connects us, and allows us to find our true essence.”

Donna Karan
International Fashion Designer and Philanthropist,
Founder of Urban Zen (Integrating Philanthropy and Commerce For A Better World), New York City, NY

How Would Your Life Change If Your Fear And Stress Completely Disappeared?

Right now you are at a crossroads between two paths:
  • You can choose to ignore and go about your path, or you can discover how to cope during and after COVID. Struggling with today's extreme challenges and how to release all the grief, stress, and anxiety bottled inside of you...
  • Or you can join me and allow me to help you guide in your own personal journey from someone who has worked with thousands of people in learning how to handle and heal all of these emotions inside of you.
Imagine how it would feel if all these emotions that are shackled inside of you broke free...

And standing right in front of a mirror is a completely different person who isn't isn't paralyzed from their suffering, grief, anxiety and stress anymore...

But someone who has found the light within themselves and is now filled with courage and resilience to navigate these dangerous times having the confidence deep within your soul...

And now imagine the future where you have the peace of mind that everything is going to be okay and spreading this positive energy to your friends and family...

And it's my duty to help guide you towards that place within if you will just let me.

That's why I want you to come join me in this 9 day journey where I will transform your life and helping you cope during these chaotic times and receiving the light that was always inside of you. 
Hope to see you soon.

With light and love,
Deirdre Hade

P.S. Imagine a beautiful world where you can now view it unfiltered for what it is and filled with light and love instead of grief and sorrow. If you're ready to transform your life then click the button below and I'll see you there...
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